Sub Slab Spray Foam Insulation

Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City

Insulation is for more than just your walls, ceilings, and floors. Polyurethane spray foam provides an excellent vapor barrier and insulator underneath concrete slabs. This is especially beneficial for homes or buildings built without a crawlspace. Spray foam insulation provides an R-value of roughly 12-14, depending on the brand, sufficient for our East Tennessee climates. Because of how polyurethane spray foam adheres to almost any surface, there are no seams or other imperfections. It provides a complete vapor barrier, protecting plumbing and electrical wiring that is laid inside the concrete slab.  

sub slab spray

Will applying spray foam insulation disrupt my project timeline?

Nope! It doesn’t take long to apply the spray foam, and it cures within about 15-20 minutes and is ready to be walked on. So, the concrete slab could be poured the same day that we complete the spray foam installation.

What type of spray foam is applied under concrete slabs?

Generally, we apply closed-cell spray foam as it ideal for use below-grade. Plus, it is waterproof, creating a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from seeping into the floor of your home or building.

Is polyurethane spray foam more expensive than other methods?

The price per square foot may cost more than most other insulation methods, but the benefits of spray foam make the extra cost worth it.

Benefits of Sub-Slab Spray Foam Insulation

Radon Retarder

Radon is a naturally occurring harmful gas that can seep into the air inside your home. A home or building built on a concrete slab is more susceptible to high levels of radon. Protect you and your family with sub-slab spray foam insulation as it reduces the amount of radon gas that seeps through the concrete.

Moisture Barrier

Prevent moisture issues and mold growth in your basement or home with sub-slab spray foam insulation. Its waterproof capabilities prevent moisture from absorbing into your slab and entering your home.


Spray foam insulation is applied in a precise manner that results in little to no waste, unlike foam board insulation that is commonly used. Plus, many spray foam brands are made from recycled plastic. Therefore, sub-slab spray foam insulation is considered environmentally friendly.

Increases Concrete Stability

Spray foam insulation is dense and hardy, which helps reinforce the durability of the concrete slab.

Prevents Pests

Spray foam is flexible and gets into all nooks and crannies, preventing any air pockets or points of entry for pests.

Saves Energy

Reduces energy bills by keeping warm air inside during the winter and maintaining a cooler temperature inside when it's hot.

Sub-Slab Spray Foam Insulation in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol

We provide spray foam insulation services to home and business owners in the Tri-Cities. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of sub-slab spray foam or schedule a free estimate, please contact our office by calling (423) 292-8279. Our technicians are available to help with your insulation needs.