Foundation Repair

Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City TN

The foundation of a home or building is literally the most important component of the entire structure. Without a strong, stable foundation, the rest of the structure could become compromised and unsafe, even downright dangerous. To help you determine whether you need foundation repair, check out these common signs of foundation problems.

Moisture in Crawlspace

foundation repair

Excessive water or moisture in your crawlspace is a sign that you have a foundation problem. Ignoring the issue could lead to mold growth or poor indoor air quality, which could pose a significant health hazard. You may not notice it at first, but crawlspace moisture may accumulate over time. It is recommended that you regularly inspect your crawlspace for signs of moisture or water pooling. Should you notice any water or moisture is present, contact a professional foundation repair company in Kingsport, Energy Savers Spray Foam Insulation.

Basement Moisture

If you notice a musty or mildew smell in your basement, it is a sure sign of a moisture problem. Basements don’t just smell funny because they are old or closed up. Moisture in your basement is a sign of water intrusion. Ignoring the problem will only make matters worse and end up costing you more money in repairs down the road.

Cracked or Fractured Walls of Basement

Cracks and moisture intrusion in your basement may be caused by soil settlement or compaction. It should not be ignored, or it will worsen and compromise your home’s foundation even more. If you notice your basement walls are bowing, get it inspected and fixed immediately to prevent a complete collapse of your basement walls.

Fractured Brick

If you notice the concrete blocks or bricks in your basement or crawlspace are sunken or broken, especially near windows or doorways, schedule a free consultation with Energy Savers for an assessment.

Drafts or Poor Indoor Air Quality

A drafty home or low-quality indoor air could mean that you have gaps in your home’s insulation or that the framing is warped or has shifted. Not only does this increase your energy bill, but it also increases the risk of mold growth.

Noisy or Creaky Flooring

When you walk around inside your home, do the floors creak or furniture rattle? These could pinpoint specific issues with your home’s foundation or framing. Water damage or structure supports could be compromised.

Standing Water or Mold Growth

If, at any point, you notice standing water or mold growth inside your home, basement, or crawlspace, take immediate action because water could result in structural damage or a health hazard from mold growth.

Allergies That Worsen While at Home

Do you feel like you constantly have trouble breathing, or have a runny nose that seems to worsen when at home? It could be because you have foundational problems caused by a water leak. Because an ongoing water problem results in health hazards, you could experience chronic allergies that worsen while at home.

Doors and Windows That Malfunction

Doors or windows that do not close properly or remain open as they could indicate a problem with the framing and foundation.

Cracks in Walls

Whether interior or exterior, cracks in your walls could indicate a problem with your home’s foundation. Regularly inspect your home for signs of cracks in the walls, and contact professional foundation repair experts in Kingsport at Energy Savers.

If you experience these issues in your home’s foundation, it is time to contact Energy Savers today. We provide no-obligation estimates for free. We provide foundation repair to stabilize your home’s most important aspect and help you enjoy your investment for years to come. To learn more, please contact us by calling 423-292-8279 and schedule a consultation.